India is in the forefront of their cloud revolution since there are plenty of jobs available in the market because of this revolution and it’s a wonderful opportunity for job seekers. The one thing which is not available in abundance in this scenario are firms that have expertise in this domain. Really where CloudiRec comes in to picture this is.

CloudiRec is the very first (and only) job platform committed especially to the cloud computing sector in India.   They want to help job seekers find jobs with organizations deploying, promoting, creating, adopting or using cloud established solutions. As they need to focus on the skills which are required to do a job their method of recruiting is simple. They’ve produced a special system where businesses can highlight the skills and certificates required in applicants and applicants on the other hand give evaluations (for tech skills) while building their profile in their  stage. This helps companies decrease their price and time of hiring, as they get to source applicants that fulfill the ability criterion for the job.

Team CloudiRec

Based from Jaipur, CoudiRec was set in 2016 Gaurav Joshi, Rohit Sharma and from Shashaank Bawari. Currently the 3 co-founders taking care of Marketing, Revenue and Product growth. We’ve got a developer. As we were all part of AIESEC Jaipur at different points of time, we all have known each other for five decades. Shashank is an  MBA in HULT, Ex-Microsoft, AIESEC Alumni, Rohit is an  Engineer and this will be his 2nd startup and an  AIESEC Alumni. Gaurav is an  Engineer who has previously worked for Google and is a AIESEC Alumni.

CloudiRec is the  computing recruiting platform that is the only cloud. All recruiting platforms — then and enable recruiters to source CV’s take them through a screening and evaluation process. However, after spending months (and in some cases weeks) it’s realized that the applicants don’t possess the simple tech ability required for the job. With their platform, they have tried to reverse this system. CloudiRec does evaluation thereby strengthening the candidates possess the skills for the job.

They plan to build an aggregator which shows cloud coaching institutes by classes and city provided. They also look to establish ‘Gigs’ which will help us examine job seekers problem solving skills. And their long-term goal involves acquiring  IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning jobs that are associated.

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