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Microsoft just unveiled Microsoft 365 — a bundle for companies which comprises the Office 365 cloud productivity package, a replica of the Windows 10 operating system, and a lot of management tools and other goodies for the IT department.

Microsoft 365 was announced at the firm’s Inspire conference in Washington, DC. Like Office 365, where Microsoft 365 has its name, this will be a subscription bundle, in which IT departments will pay a monthly fee per user.  

That price tag isn’t necessarily fixed   — Microsoft is mainly making this 365 bundle available through brokers, who resell services like this to their IT department clients in their own markups.  

The advantage of a subscription plan similar to this is that it provides clients a single, predictable monthly fee for the applications that they have to run their companies, says Microsoft. Even as the PC industry supposes entire, Windows and Office remains the de facto standard for computing in most workplaces around the globe.  

What’s old, what is new

Microsoft already offered an all round plan very similar to this for its biggest clients, most recently referred to as the Secure Productive Enterprise package. This plan is currently known as Microsoft 365 Enterprise, also can be obtained instantly, given that a shortage of dramatic changes.

A really fresh support is Microsoft 365 Business, which currently offers this combined package to little- and midsize company for the very first time. It is basically supposed to be a one-stop-shop to get even the smallest businesses up and running on Windows and workplace. Microsoft 365 Business will maintain a public record beginning on August 2nd.  

In the bigger picture, Microsoft is positioning as a means to accelerate its goal of reaching a $20 billion run rate for the all-important cloud computing firm within the next year or so. Amazon currently principles the cloud computing marketplace using its Amazon Web Services juggernaut, therefore Microsoft is doubling down on business clients, where it has historically ruled the proverbial roost.

This package additionally reflects Microsoft’s new gameplan for selling cloud computing solutions to businesses   — a week, Microsoft announced a big reorganization of its sales force as the company seems  to simplify and streamline the way that it offers cloud computing solutions to companies. Observing that reorganization, Microsoft set off tens of tens of thousands of salespeople  all over the world.  

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