Instant Setup

All new accounts are automatically provisioned and available for use minutes after ordering.

SSD San Storage

Blazingly fast SSD San Storage provides high IOPS for the best performance.

Supports Windows and Linux
High Availability

The cloud operates as part of a cluster. If a node in the cluster fails your Cloud Server is automatically started on a standby node.

Free Migration Assistance

Changing hosting doesn’t have to be a hassle. We are more than happy to assist in moving your data from your old web host.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not sure about us? We offer an unconditional 7 day money back guarantee.

Fine-Grained Resource Control

Every ToggleBox cloud is 100% custom. Start with our base configuration and add the resources you need. If your application is RAM-intensive, there is no reason you also need to purchase a lot of disk space.

Admin-Level Support

We don’t give you the keys and let you crash. Our expert support is available should you encounter any problems.

KVM Virtualization

We utilize KVM virtualization for great performance and reliable service. All virtual servers have their own private virtualized hardware and network interfaces.

Integrated Load Balancers

Growing your site is easy with ToggleBox. You can order a pre-built load balancer cluster that is automatically configured to use your cloud servers. Combine 2 load balancers in a cluster to ensure optimal uptime. The load balancers are fully featured including persistent connections, any protocol, SSL support, logging, advanced queueing techniques, ACLs, and throttling.

VM Cloning

Convert any running cloud server into a template that can be quickly deployed to new servers. This drastically reduces the time of deploying new servers.

DNS Hosting

Host unlimited domains on our redundant DNS servers, built directly into your control panel.

Volume Discounts

Togglebox offers excellent volume based discounts making our already low prices even better as you continue to grow! Contact our sales team for information.

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