Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Shan Sinha, CEO of HighFive (Part 3)

Posted on Monday, Feb 12th 2018

Shan Sinha: Trend number 2 is that the commoditization of all of the hardware technology. It used to be that you needed to have a great deal of custom equipment to power all this stuff. To perform audio and video demanded a whole group of hardware. Currently, using relevantly low price and using a plug-and-play experience, you can deliver an extremely compelling solution which brings together the advantages of cloud software with easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage, easy-to-use systems such as your days that you will need hardware to deliver an significant part the solution.

Is, it is a fashion that you would see happening in our lives. Apple TV along with iTunes is seen by you. You see Amazon Echo together with Alexa. Google Home along with the services of Google is seen by you. This idea of bringing together hardware and software in a plug-and-play experience is something which is reshaping the business. The final thing which I will call out here that is worth articulating is at the close of the day, there is a major expectation of being able to richly connect and communicate with each other.

Folks expect video to be part of every experience. Folks expect you to have a more experience around communication with the people that you work with, connecting, and using. We see that happening in our lives. Why is it my elementary school children can utilize video technologies to do college work but at work, it requires a whole lot longer to be able to have a meeting going. You realize there is this tendency towards things which are easy to use and merged at which you don’t have to think about all the details. That is a pretty meaningful trend that you see happening with pretty much every single toolset.

Sramana Mitra: Where are the gaps in the market? In the event that you were to build a startup, what problem would you solve?

Shan Sinha: The huge gap which we see is around this concept of bringing together hardware and software into one solution. What clients end up having to do now is, they still have to select independent point options for bringing on the technology required to connect the current work force.

Folks are more distributed than they’ve ever been now. From time to time, they are working remotely. From time to time, they are working at home. From time to time, they are working from the vehicle. A good deal of that is possible because you have all of your info in your cloud. You’ve broadband everywhere. You own a device where you move.

The largest difference that we’ve seen is, there isn’t a single option on the marketplace which brings together all of the different usage cases which are required whenever you are just attempting to join a bunch of people into a meeting. You have some solutions that will fix the app part of it. You have some solutions which may try to solve the hardware part of it. Nobody has actually brought those bits together into a comprehensive end-to-end system the manner that we have. The difference which we see is in addressing the requirements of customers that are searching for a plug-and-play solution.

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