Live from Cloud Partners 2014: The Perfect Fit: Use Cases Finest Speeches to Hybrid Cloud Computing

Still making our way during the second day of live blogging from Cloud Partners 2014. We only left “The fantastic Fit: Use Cases Finest Speeches to Hybrid Cloud Computing”, led by Brant Roberts of bPulse, Mark Mercado of SingleHop, also David Fowler of INetU, who shared some use cases such as hybrid computing computing options.

As mentioned with these panelists, deciding where to keep customers’ information, applications and computing resources may occasionally prove difficult, especially with the confusion surrounding cloud definitions. It is just because of this that vehicles are becoming more popular, primarily as a result of array of choices they offer – cloud bursting, development and testing, planned network optimisation and temporary architecture layouts, amongst other items.

Understanding and adopting cloud solutions in your product suite benefits your enterprise, but knowing just how make the most of the skills of the cloud provides value. The panelists offered the following types of scenarios and use cases for companies looking for surroundings:

  • “The Cloud Burst” – Often, a “cloud burst” customer is a retail company with a need to climb quickly and easily as their usage peaks and ebbs. For example, retail shops find an elevated need for compute funds during the fourth quarter’s holiday buying boom, but a lesser need during several times of the year
  • “Location Matters” – A “place matters” customer has particular data center location in mind for where they wish to store critical business information. For any variety of reasons they may want their information right next door, or even across the country — it is all dependent on their particular industry requirements and the types of information they have.
  • “The Company Jewels” – Often a “firm gems” customer is at the financial sector. They wish to keep information on the back end or within a personal environment.
  • “Occasional Supercomputer” – An “intermittent supercomputer” customer is a company which manages big data. An example of this type of customer might be a health club that analyze, securely examine and must handle patient information.

This panel’s sentiment focused on assessing the aims that each individual business is trying to achieve through adoption of a environment. Channel partners and Service suppliers need to work in tandem to develop the right mixture of public and private cloud, creating a hybrid environment that is strong and efficient.

At Windstream our hybrid solutions blend and maximize the features of a multi-tenant public cloud and also a dedicated or colocation personal cloud environment. When comparing options, our winning team members first get to know the distinctive needs of our customers, taking under consideration regulatory compliance demands, and then collaborate together to design the perfect cloud. By first identifying business targets and their own challenges, our cloud specialists install a solution constructed to support the client’s success and design. Our collaborative strategy is not any different when working together with all our Channel Partners — our enhanced spouse plan for cloud solutions is designed help your business win.

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